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AHSAA to release reclassification on Wednesday

Published 3:51pm Tuesday, January 21, 2014

By Bart Moss

For the FCT

The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) is about to implement the most sweeping change to it classification system since 1984.

Every two years the AHSAA reclassifies its member schools based on the average daily attendance of tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students.

The next reclassification is expected to be released on Wednesday, Jan. 22. Typically reclassification numbers and area/region realignments are released in November.

The delay has made it difficult on fall sports to start scheduling for next year because they can’t schedule based on speculation.

The consensus among area coaches and administrators for the delay is that the AHSAA will move from the current six classifications and add a seventh class.

If that is the case, then it will be the first time the AHSAA has added a class since it expanded from four classes to six classes in 1984.

Many people are calling this the “Super Seventh” class because it will consist of a fixed number of the state’s largest schools.

The possible reclassification will not directly affect most schools in Franklin County. Russellville is expected to remain 5A. Phil Campbell and Red Bay are expected to remain 2A.  Belgreen and Vina are both expected to remain 1A.   Tharptown, however, is expected to move up to 2A if there is a move to a seventh classification.

Some interesting numbers from the last reclassification:

  • The smallest school in the state was Paint Rock Valley HS (located just east of Huntsville) with an ADA (average daily attendance) of 14.
  • The largest school in the state was Hoover in Birmingham with an ADA of 1902.95.
  • Russellville is a small 5A school with an ADA of 485.
  • The two 2A schools in Franklin County are Phil Campbell with an ADA of 188 and Red Bay with an ADA of 179.
  • The three 1A schools in Franklin County are Tharptown with an ADA of 143, Belgreen with an ADA of 87.95 and Vina with an ADA of 79.

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