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Demonstration brings physics to life for RHS students

Published 4:06pm Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The difference in hearing a lesson taught in a classroom and actually seeing that lesson lived out in real life can be profound for many students, especially those who are visual learners.

Recently, ninth and tenth grade students taking physical science classes at Russellville High School were given the opportunity to see basic principles of physics displayed in person.

The presentation, taught by Dr. Nouredine Zettili, who is a professor of physics at Jacksonville State University, was something RHS science teacher Kevin England arranged after attending an Improving Physics And Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education (IMPACTSEED) workshop this past summer at Sneed State Community College.

“This workshop was held in conjunction with Jacksonville State University and it was a time where junior high and high school teachers were able to get fresh ideas to bring back to their schools,” England said.

“Because I attended this workshop, I was able to set up a time where Dr. Nouredine Zettili, who is a professor of physics at Jacksonville State University, would come and do a physics presentation for our students here at RHS.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to see some hands-on experiments and activities, and I thought it would be beneficial to these students so they could see that the things they had been studying actually do work outside of their classrooms.”

England said Zettili also brought specialized equipment that most of the students hadn’t seen before.

“Not all of the students who take physical education will be interested in having a science-related career one day, but some of them might,” England said.

“For those who want to pursue this further or even for those who will be taking science classes in college later on, getting to see this kind of equipment in use is a good way to prepare for that because they wouldn’t see this equipment anywhere else.”

The workshop England attended was also beneficial because it allowed him to receive grant money that would go towards purchasing better equipment and supplies for his classroom.

“Those who participated in the conference received a $2,200 grant that will help me provide an enhanced learning experience for my students,” England said.

“The more equipment we have, the more these kids will learn and be prepared for any future experience they’ll have in the science field.”


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