Fifth-grade students at Russellville Elementary enjoyed fresh roasted corn on Friday as part of the Russellville City School System’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program.

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Program provides roasted corn

Published 4:46pm Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If you visited West Elementary or Russellville Elementary schools this past Thursday and Friday, you might have thought the faculty and students were celebrating a holiday by the big smiles and festive atmosphere that pervaded both campuses.
In reality, though, the cause for all the excitement was actually the arrival of fresh, roasted corn that was part of the schools’ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program.
Elaine Vaughn, Child Nutrition Director for Russellville City Schools, said the corn is most definitely a favorite out of all the vegetable and fruit served throughout the year.
“The students always get so excited when they know we’ll be having the roasted corn at their school,” Vaughn said. “We love seeing them get excited about healthy food choices and seeing how they’re learning that healthy food choices can also be tasty food choices.”
Vaughn said the adults at both schools get almost as excited as the students do about the roasted corn, which is provided by Dady’s Roasted Corn – a famed vendor at each year’s Franklin County Watermelon Festival.
“When the teachers are just as excited as the students, even the students who weren’t interested in the corn to begin with will give it a try, just because everyone else is,” Vaughn said.
“We’re just glad we’re able to provide this opportunity for our schools. It’s a positive thing for everyone.”

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