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The choice has been made

Published 5:58am Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The wait is finally over, and the anticipation has ended. Peyton Manning has decided to take his talents to South Beach… err I mean Denver.

Tim Tebow, who popularized the move know as “Tebowing,” is likely heading to another team so long as the Broncos get a decent enough deal for him.

These two quarterbacks are so vastly different that they could hardly be expected to coexist on one team.

Manning is a prototypical pocket passer who can sling the ball anywhere. He even calls his own plays, a throwback to a different time in the history of the NFL.

Tebow is a runner over a passer who did bring his team to victory and the playoffs – for one game – but he did it running a Stone Age offense that most professional teams have balked at.

There is one possibility, albeit a long shot, that these two players could stay on the same team. Denver could let Tebow learn under Manning’s tutelage for five years, but this is unlikely given Tebow’s price tag.

They could use the Florida grad as a third down quarterback, similar to a short-yardage running back. Or they could run a Wildcat variant with a passing QB and a rushing QB, although that method is not really used at this point, given the other QB could be a back or receiver.

Tebow’s faithful in Denver might see him used in some way while staying on the team, but I imagine he will be traded for some other piece of the puzzle and to free up some salary cap room if nothing else.

Of course, the descendants of the Orange Crush might not miss Tebow if Manning performs the way he can. I don’t think that John Elway did anything wrong by Tebow by courting Manning.

Ken Whisenhunt, the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, said it best when he said that any team with any kind of question about their quarterback would be crazy not to go after a first ballot Hall of Famer like Manning.

He is absolutely right. Denver may have just won the lottery as far as the quarterback position goes, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they make some noise in the playoffs next season.

That is, so long as Manning’s new offensive line keeps defenders off of him. Pass rushers on defense are a pain in the neck. Too soon?

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