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Excuse me, my leg is asleep

Published 5:59am Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tuesday evening marked my first trip in quite a long time to the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center… err, I mean the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

The BJCC is just as big as I remembered, and parking was just as big a problem as always.

Needless to say, I had some trouble finding my way around at first. I eventually got everything figured out.

It was a small miracle that I even made it to begin with, because in a 30 second span I was cut off three times on the overpass leading up to the BJCC exit, which I didn’t make. My GPS did manage to get me there in one piece, though.

I finally found the media gate and secured my press badge that allowed me on the floor of the arena.

I am 6’6’’ as you may well recall from my previous ravings, and I have not been in grade school, let alone kindergarten for several years. Even so, the fans that came out to support Red Bay were treated to me sitting Indian style on the end of the court taking pictures.

Everyone who is shooting the game must sit down, which is a feat in itself for someone as big as me. I move around pretty well for someone my size, but I get a bit restless after awhile. Also my entire right leg fell asleep before I got up at halftime and I had to limp over to my seat because I had no feeling in my right foot and so on.

I figured I would treat everyone to that humorous anecdote at my expense. After all, I found it a bit funny as to how far I had come in my career as I hobbled over to a cramped table two rows off of the court to occupy the tiny space at a long table that was set-aside for me.

The Lady Tigers’ win more than made up for it, though. I’m just happy to be covering the event at all.

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