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Samoas unleash my inner Cookie Monster

Published 3:25pm Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday was the best day of the year for me. It was a day filled with joy that made me feel happy inside.

Oh, yeah, it was also Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong I like Valentine’s Day. I like getting gifts for my wife and I like the romantic aspect of the day.

But something happened Monday that, for this year anyway, made Valentine’s Day seem almost insignificant.

You might be asking what could create this joy for me. Did I find out I was going to be a father? Did I win the lottery? Did my favorite sports team win a championship?

Nope. The Girl Scout cookies I ordered were delivered to me. Yes, those wonderful little cookies have entered my life once again.

Overall I am not a big fan of cookies. I like to bake some around Christmas because that is a long-standing family tradition, but through much of the year I bypass the cookies and go for candy when my sweet tooth gets a craving.

Girl Scout cookies — especially the Samoas — are an exception to that habit. Actually when I know I can get my hands on some Samoas, I make the Cookie Monster look tame by comparison.

As a kid I always had to fight off my older sister to get my fair share of Samoas because those were also her favorite cookies. Moving ahead several years and my wife, Erin, is also addicted to the chocolate, coconut creations.

I purchased two boxes with the intention of keeping one for my own personal stash and giving the other to Erin, but when I took a bite of the first cookie I began to question my intentions. Fortunately I was able to stand by my decision and give the other box to her.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but marriage is about sacrifice isn’t it?

Just kidding. I knew all along I would give her the cookies.

I do love the Girl Scout cookies, but it drives me crazy I can only get them once a year. There are some similar cookies at the store and one company makes a Samoas ice cream — complete with chunks of Samoas — but it is not the same.

Maybe it is a good thing I can only get them once a year, or I would spend an awful lot of money on them. I have to admit, however, in those months I am saving that money I am counting down the days until the Girl Scouts come around selling cookies again.

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