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Ledford hopes to aid church in reaching youth for Christ

Published 8:01am Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Ledford family including Bro. Randy, wife Michelle, son Machen and daughter Jessica believe they have followed God’s will to settle down in Franklin County. | Contributed


Many blood-bought believers would agree that giving up your life for Christ isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

But with great sacrifices, comes great rewards and Bro. Randy Ledford believes whole-heartedly that God has called him to minister to youth.

Ledford serves as the new director of student ministries and connections at Divine Baptist Church in Russellville.

Ledford, who just moved to Russellville from Columbia, Tenn., said this marks the 14th move in 17 years following the gospel’s call.

“We just go where God sends us,” he said. “Pastor Roger Williams called and said he had a need for his student body and connections which is simply just connecting people. So we just followed God’s direction and now my family and I are here spreading the good news.”

Ledford said he has only been here for four weeks, but sees the chance to reach a lot of people for Christ.

“We are just kind of getting settled down right now, but I have gotten the chance to get connected with the group and they are just an extremely mature group of teens and people involved and the congregation is just so giving and kind,” Ledford said. “There are around 35 teens in our youth group and the Sunday morning service has around 95 to100 people every weekend. I love to see and be a part of a growing church and believe me this church is growing rapidly.”

Ledford said he is glad to be a part of a church that “builds ministries before buildings” and “whose three main building blocks are worship, connections and service.”

Ledford said Divine Baptist has purchased another property and plan on moving into a building that holds more people as more people turn their eyes to the sky and seek the wisdom of Christ.

“My mission here is to bring students to Christ and I look forward to what God is going to do with us in Franklin County,” he said. “It’s all about loving God, loving people and reaching the world.”

Ledford and wife, Michelle have five children: Dustin, 26, Angel, 22, Paige, 19, Jessica, 16 and Machen, 8.

Ledford said his three oldest children have stayed behind in East Tennessee to work and attend college, but Jessica and Machen have made the trip and are excited to make new friends.

“We hope it is going to be quite a while before we make another move,” Ledford said. “We plan on staying here as long as we are of use to God’s work and I believe as long as folks are open to the gospel we shall remain here. We enjoy putting together conferences and concerts and I am looking forward to that.”

Ledford encourages those who are looking for direction in life and who are wanting to learn more about God to come join him at Divine Baptist Church and he will help guide you to eternal salvation by getting to know Jesus Christ and accepting him as your Lord and Savior.

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