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Consoling a sick baby can be exhausting

Published 7:54am Saturday, June 12, 2010

This week has been difficult at my house.
Our little Gavin has been sick with tummy aches. I know we don’t really think of a little four-month-old baby getting severe stomachaches. Neither did I until I was rocking him at two in the morning and then at four and at six.
That’s not even counting all the walking and patting his back we did before midnight.
What’s the cause of these tummy troubles? His formula.
There is something to be said for baby formula. You would think that changing it would not make that much of a big deal, but it does.
When Gavin was diagnosed with acid reflux at one month of age, I knew we were going to have to change his formula.
I didn’t want to do it because I knew it was would hurt his digestion so we waited.
We waited until he was spitting almost all of his milk back up even with his medication.
We changed his formula two weeks ago, and earlier this week Gavin started having problems with his digestion.
So, we were up for a few days making take medicine and drink juice on top of his regular eating.
I think he’s about straightened out, but we will have to continue to make sure he gets a lot of juice so he won’t end up in this predicament again.
I don’t remember going through anything like this with the other two boys. Jordan’s formula was fine. We had to change Cameron’s formula, but it didn’t cause any problems. In fact, it solved some problems instead of create them.
But, looking back, the other two boys did have their moments.
Jordan had ear infections beginning at four months old.  And Cameron just never slept until he was five.
I remember having rough days and nights with them too.
But, when they get older, we tend to forget the work and fatigue.  We just forget.
So, when I am looking back I’m sure I’ll remember Jordan’s ears, Cameron’s sleeplessness and Gavin’s monster tummy aches.
I guess it’s all a part of parenting.

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