Ugly bill passed in ugly way

It is amazing to read what some legislators have written in the weeks since the state legislature passed the so-called Alabama Accountability Act. The Republicans in ... Read more

Setting the record straight on the Accountability/Flexibility bill

The most disturbing thing about how the school Accountability/Flexibility Bill was passed is that Republicans don’t seem to think they have done anything wrong and ... Read more

Another look at HB 84

Education issues have been the lead story in the state of Alabama and in Franklin County for the past several weeks. Education is a topic that ... Read more

Outdoor sports rely on weather

After watching basketball at the different gyms around the county and surrounding area I forgot just how much baseball and softball depended on the weather. The ... Read more

Capitol report for March 16, 2013

You would think that if we were going to fundamentally change education in Alabama that you would want the taxpayers, local school boards, parents and ... Read more

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Should college athletes be paid?

There is a drama unfolding in college athletics, but isn’t there always? But unlike other sports dramas, this drama could affect the game many of ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for all the help

The Chucky Mullins Memorial Scholarship committee would like to thank all those who helped to make the fourth annual Chucky Mullins Memorial golf tournament a ... Read more

Thanks for all the support

The Russellville City Schools Education Foundation is very grateful for the wonderful support shown by those who bought dinner tickets and attended our first annual ... Read more

Law Day is designed to educate on legal system

Each year the nation observes Law Day on May 1. Law Day is designed to educate people of all ages about the legal system and ... Read more

The governor should listen to Franklin County

I was in disbelief when Gov. Bentley vetoed a bill from Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow and Sen. Roger Bedford that would allow Franklin County to ... Read more

Can we afford such debts?

I voted for President Obama in 2008 mainly because he promised if he were elected he would reduce the national debt. Instead it has about ... Read more