Are You Teaching Your Child to Yield?

Our daughter is 15. This summer she will get her learner’s permit and begin driving. I imagine we’ll have some bumps along the way as ... Read more

Counting not comparing

The comparison trap—ever find yourself locked tight in it’s strong jaws? Honestly, haven’t we all been there at least a time or two? ... Read more

How do we experience life to the fullest?

How do we experience life to the fullest?

So what is this abundant life—life to the full—Jesus promises? The word used here for life is “zoe.” One of my lexical aids described this life ... Read more

He daily bears us up

Conviction poured heavy over my heart and mind. All the ways I try to bear myself up. All the times I lean into my own ... Read more

Education Matters: Why the sky isn’t falling

Every generation has its social and political events that make one believe the world is coming to an end. It was that way when ... Read more | 1 comment

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Cooking and gardening with Sam

When thinking about putting in a water garden, think if you want a shade garden or a sunny garden. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Thanks to tractor show sponsors

I would like to especially give a big thank-you to O’Reilly Auto Parts for providing a “goodie bag” for each exhibitor. Read more

Letter to the editor: Thanks to all for another great Hoedown

Dear editor, To the citizens of Phil Campbell and all others who attended this year’s Phil Campbell Hoedown Festival: I just want to thank everyone ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

The ultimate criteria is not our love as humans for each other, but rather our love for God our Creator and whether we are willing ... Read more

Thanks to Community Spirit Bank

We would like to thank Community Spirit Bank for partnering with the EverFi - Financial Literacy Program and allowing Russellville High School to be part ... Read more

‘Go local’ and support your community bank

Dear Editor, The word “sustainability” can be linked to a lot of our local activities these days – whether it’s reusing or recycling products that ... Read more