Scot Beard

Rewrite of Huck Finn is an abomination

I have always enjoyed studying literature. Picking up a book I have not read before and getting lost in a world foreign to me is ... Read more

Technology is making me feel quite old

When I was in middle school I thought anybody over the age of 30 was old — having turned 30 earlier this year, I have ... Read more

People respond to the strangest things

It amazes me sometimes what people respond to when I write my columns. Some columns I write to address what I feel are important social and ... Read more

Jilted bride lawsuit raises questions

Every so often I hear a news story that makes me question the sanity of some people in our country. Tuesday morning as I rolled out ... Read more | 3 comments

I try to appreciate the cold weather

Sunday night I returned home from doing a little grocery shopping and smelled wood burning. I looked around the neighborhood and noticed a chimney with smoke ... Read more