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Wisconsin senators are acting childish

For the past several weeks the state of Wisconsin has been in the national news because the state’s government cannot find a solution to its ... Read more

Thinking about what I miss from school

This Saturday the 2011 edition of Progress will be included in The Franklin County Times. The theme for this year is 40 under 40: The ... Read more

Samoas unleash my inner Cookie Monster

Monday was the best day of the year for me. It was a day filled with joy that made me feel happy inside. Oh, yeah, it ... Read more

Music leads to major debate at my house

On many subjects my wife, Erin, and I have similar views — which is probably why we have been able to handle six years of ... Read more

Groundhog Day makes little sense to me

There is one tradition though that I do not understand — today, Groundhog Day. I understand the belief that if the groundhog sees his shadow there ... Read more

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