Scot Beard

Unusual names are getting too unusual

I understand why parents want unique names for their children, and I can’t fault them for wanting to give their children a moniker that belongs ... Read more

Absurd comments make me crack a smile

I often try to find the humor in things because life is usually easier if you can have a good chuckle along the way. Some events ... Read more

Parasites preying on victims sicken me

People have donated food, supplies and money in addition to volunteering time to help as victims try to rebuild their lives. The victims will not ... Read more

Level of storm’s destruction is shocking

Journalists are always looking for a compelling story and crave breaking news, but few if any want to cover events like the tornado outbreak that ... Read more

Occasionally life can be one big cliché

Every so often I like to take this column and use it to discuss things going on in my life. I usually try to keep ... Read more