Roger Bedford

A lot has happened lately in our Senate district

Last April when the devastating tornados ripped through our Senate District they destroyed the entire school at Hackleburg and the high school in Phil Campbell. ... Read more

Transportation improvements to be made in FC

It’s been a very busy and exciting time for Senate District 6. Recently, the State of Alabama rolled out its new Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and ... Read more

Budget battles ongoing in Montgomery

I’m very excited about the progress being made on the rebuilding of the Wrangler Plant building in Hackleburg. It is another sign of industry moving ... Read more

Saving those that are most in need

Two weeks ago, the Senate passed an amendment I proposed that would save thousands of lives and fully fund Alabama’s Medicaid program. As you know our ... Read more

We must act now to avert disasters facing Alabama budgets

Last Wednesday House Minority Leader Craig Ford and I held a news conference to outline the Democrats’ plan to prevent the budget disaster our state ... Read more

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