Another look at HB 84

Education issues have been the lead story in the state of Alabama and in Franklin County for the past several weeks. Education is a topic that ... Read more

Outdoor sports rely on weather

After watching basketball at the different gyms around the county and surrounding area I forgot just how much baseball and softball depended on the weather. The ... Read more

Capitol report for March 16, 2013

You would think that if we were going to fundamentally change education in Alabama that you would want the taxpayers, local school boards, parents and ... Read more

Why we have to slow down the legislative process

There has been a lot said over the past two weeks about the tactics used by Republicans in the Alabama legislature to pass the so-called ... Read more

Governor, Legislature treating state employees like second-class citizens

I never thought that I would live to see a governor brag about how he has eliminated 4,000 jobs — especially in the middle of ... Read more

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