Governor, Legislature treating state employees like second-class citizens

I never thought that I would live to see a governor brag about how he has eliminated 4,000 jobs — especially in the middle of ... Read more

You never know until you try

Most people who know me know that I have a slight aversion to small children, so when I was asked this week to come to ... Read more

Can Alabama survive sequestration

The politicians in Montgomery are always quick to tell you how bad the federal government is, but those same politicians are more than happy to ... Read more

Capital report for Feb. 22, 2013

As I drove home from Montgomery this week on Hwy 24 from Moulton to Russellville I was very pleased to see the new asphalt layer. ... Read more

School flexibility bill should be fixed or it must be rejected

Public education is one of the most important services our state and local governments provide. All of us want to see our schools improve, and ... Read more

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