Phil Campbell

PC receives $100K grant

PHIL CAMPBELL – The town of Phil Campbell is getting closer to completing necessary sewer improvement projects thanks to the continued support from state officials ... Read more

Morrow officially announces candidacy

Morrow officially announces candidacy

Representative Johnny Mack Morrow will officially kick-off his re-election campaign for House District 18 on Tuesday, Sept. 9, with food and music at the old ... Read more

It pays to be a Cattleman

It pays to be a Cattleman

For years now, members of the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association have been saying a phrase that has become a motto for their group – “It ... Read more

Local woman killed in crash

A local woman was killed on Friday in a car crash that occurred near Phil Campbell. According to the Alabama State Troopers, Opal Hester Allen, 73, ... Read more

Courthouse closing at 5 p.m.

At their recent business meeting, members of the Franklin County Commission voted to approve the closing of the Franklin County Courthouse at 5 p.m. each ... Read more

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