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Grand jury charges man with threatening police

Published 6:02am Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Franklin County accused of assaulting a police officer and allegedly making threatening statements towards other law enforcement officials in March was indicted by a recent grand jury.
Michael Shane Brooks, 27, 896 Hindman Rd., Hodges, was indicted on charges of resisting arrest, second-degree unlawful possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, menacing, second-degree assault, first-degree theft of property, third-degree domestic violence and two counts of making terrorist threat, Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said.
Rushing said the charges listed in the indictment stemmed from incidents involving both the Red Bay and Hodges police departments.
According to reports, authorities in Red Bay were first alerted to a situation involving Brooks around 3 p.m. on March 2 when they received a call from CVS Pharmacy in Red Bay stating Brooks was suspected of shoplifting.
Officials said CVS employees confronted Brooks who reportedly became irate and knocked over several displays in the store.
Officers with RBPD and the DA’s Office detained Brooks and arrested him at the scene, but investigators said during the transport to the Red Bay Jail, Brooks pulled a concealed knife, which caused officers to pull over to the side of the road and disarm him before continuing to the jail.
Red Bay Police Chief Janna Jackson said once Brooks was brought to the city jail, he began beating on the walls of his cell and attempted to damage the cameras.
According to Jackson, Brooks was on crutches from an injury he sustained prior to his arrest and he took apart the crutches and tried to use the exposed metal in the crutches as a weapon.
Jackson said Brooks was kept in the jail overnight and made several threatening statements to police officers about what he would do to them if he got out of jail.
Officers said Brooks was transported to Hamilton on March 3 for an outstanding warrant but he was released from custody in Hamilton later that day.
Reports then indicate that on the evening of March 3, the Hodges Police Department received a domestic violence call where a woman had allegedly been assaulted, choked and thrown on the ground.
When an officer and a reserve officer from Hodges arrived on the scene, investigators said they were met by Brooks, who was wielding a shotgun.
Hodges Police Chief Mike Franklin said after some negotiations, the officer was finally able to take the shotgun away from Brooks and threw the weapon into the next room.
“After the suspect was disarmed, he got into an altercation with the officer and, after a struggle, took possession of the officer’s taser,” Franklin said.
“He attempted to use the taser against the officer and threatened to kill him. The officer was eventually able to spray the suspect with mace and take him into custody.”
Officers from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist the officer and Brooks was arrested again and transported to the Franklin County Jail.
On March 4 when Brooks was allowed to use the phone at the jail, officials said he allegedly told the person he called that as soon as he got out of jail he was “going to Red Bay, Vina and Hodges to settle some scores.”
Brooks has been in custody since his arrest on a $500,000 bond.

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