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Man jailed on sex-related charges

Published 5:30pm Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Russellville man was arrested on Monday after allegations surfaced that he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a family acquaintance.

Tyron Dwayne Thompson, 35, 601 Green Ave., Russellville, was charged with two counts of a sexually-related offense and was additionally charged with a parole violation for violating the terms of the parole he received for a first degree robbery charge that stemmed from an incident in 1996 in Shelby County.

According to Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett, investigators were contacted by the Franklin County Department of Human Resources on Monday afternoon.

Hargett said DHR representatives had been contacted by officials at the victim’s school and alerted to the inappropriate relationship that had reportedly taken place between the victim and Thompson.

“The juvenile had apparently confided in a school official about the relationship and the school official contacted DHR who then contacted us,” Hargett said.

He said investigators went to the school to interview the victim before questioning Thompson and ultimately placing him under arrest.

“Any sexually-related offense is disheartening to hear about,” Hargett said, “but it’s sad when that trust between an adult and a younger family acquaintance is violated and broken.

“This is just a sad situation.”

At press time, Thompson remained in custody without bail.





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