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These are dating apps, not stalker apps

Published 6:00am Saturday, March 17, 2012

I don’t have a smartphone so I’m not always up on the different kinds of apps that are available.

I know there are gaming apps to keep you entertained at the doctor’s office and other informative apps that tell you things about the weather or your stocks.

I’m sure there’s a myriad of apps out there, and most of them I wouldn’t be shocked at, but I recently saw in a news article that there are now “dating” apps that track singles in your area using your phone’s GPS.

Technology can be a great thing, but to me, “tracking” other single people in your area and finding out where they are and where you can meet up is creepy and unsafe.

I use Facebook a lot more than I use apps and there is a “check-in” feature that will tell people where you are when you post a status.

Even though the people reading my statuses are, for the most part, friends of mine, I don’t need them knowing where I am all the time and I certainly don’t need complete strangers knowing where I am.

Finding out these types of phone apps are available has made me wonder what kind of people use these apps and what they’re really thinking they’ll get out of it.

Maybe I’ve watched too much Lifetime television, but it just seems like nothing good can come from having your whereabouts readily available for other people to see.

There might genuinely be some good people out there using these types of apps, but the weirdos who are inevitably using them as well should be reason enough to steer clear.

I understand it can be tough to meet someone if you’re single.

We live in a much busier time than the days of old where people met up at the soda shop and hung out at the sock hop, so I’m not condemning all methods of finding companionship, but I just think that it would be much better and safer to give someone your digits instead of your coordinates.

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