Land transactions 6-29-11

Published 9:42am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 13

• Sherry Wells to James O. Bates, survivorship

• Heather Leann Pounders to Thomas Earl Pounders, survivorship

• Bank Independent to MSC, Inc. warranty

June 14

• Christine Steele to Henry Pace, warranty

• Scotty D. Simpson to Scotty D. Simpson, survivorship

• Davis S. Vincent to Adam Hill, foreclosure

June 15

• Golden Tiger Properties to Franklin County Board, warranty

• Talton Ray Miller to Maria Pascual, sale contract

• Jesse Mitchell to Boyce Eugene Jenkins, warranty

• Genetta R. Steien to Tim D. Steien, quit claim

• Luther B. James to Marietta Wood Supply Inc., timber

• Robert B. Pearson, Jr. to J. M. Page, warranty

June 16

• Mauricio Antonio Linares to Alejandra Del Linares, warranty

• Patrick N. Lane to World Acceptance Corporation, lease

• Antonio Delgado Lucas to Estela Hernandez, warranty

• Emil Frederck Hargett to Emil Frederick Hargett, survivorship

June 17

• Estate of Howard Mark Lane to Howard Mark Lane, trustee’s

• Cathleen P. Barnes to Rebecca Ann Parish, executor’s

• Cathleen P. Barnes to Cathleen P. Barnes, personal representative

• Cathleen Barnes to Cathleen P. Barnes, survivorship

• Fine Contours Corp to Jose Catala, survivorship

• Wendell R. Renfro to Ashley Nichole Clement, survivorship

• The United States Department to James Anderson Thornton warranty

June 20

• Leah Rachelle Shewbart to Michael Lee Shewbart, quit claim

June 21

• Kelly Hovater Tyra to Noah Lynn Tyra, quit claim

• Hosea Benton Steward, Jr. to Peggy J. Whitfield, warranty

• Linda Steward Hobletzell to Hosea Benton Steward, Jr., warranty

June 22

• Rosaline Allen to Katelyn Allen, warranty

• Tommy J. Vinson to Edin Argueta Rubio, survivorship

• Jane Hall Williams to Chris Darracott, survivorship

• Williams Wilkinson to Balentine Properties, Inc., warranty

• James C. Vandiver to Joseph S. Norton, survivorship

June 23

• Isaac Michael Pope to Tommy G. Grimes, warranty

• James C. Vandiver to Joseph S. Norton, survivorship

• Dow M. Perry, Jr. to Lucile B. Sims Wallace, affidavit

• J. D. Gilley to Tamra L. James, warranty

• Greg Masterson to Samuel Alex McCluskey, warranty

June 24

• Winford G. Cole to First Metro Bank, foreclosure

• Geraldine Caldwell to Greg Oliver, survivorship

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