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Sessions visits local company

Published 7:59am Wednesday, August 25, 2010


G&G Steel President Danny Gist, right, and Vice President Bret Gist, left, explain the concept of ‘bridge building’ to U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions during his visit to the plant Tuesday afternoon. | Nathan Strickland/FCT


Building bridges in more ways than one seemed to be the concept of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions’ visit to G&G Steel Tuesday evening.

After a slideshow presentation about the company conducted by Vice President Bret Gist, Sessions, along with Franklin County Probate Judge Barry Moore and Franklin County Development Authority executive director Mitch Mays toured the facilities and admired the unique capabilities of the Russellville based manufacture industry.

G&G Steel president Danny Gist and his son, Bret, led the way through the facility, pausing in different sections to explain the type of work it takes to build massive infrastructures with the senator.

Industrial bridge building appeared to top the topic of conversation between company leaders and Sessions.

Sessions shook hands with many employees at G&G Steel and told them that they were doing “some excellent work.”

After the tour, Sessions spoke briefly to company and county officials.

“I’m impressed with this smart, homegrown business and the type of structures they produce,” said Sessions. “We need more of this type work in Alabama and in the United States for that matter.”

Sessions said the representation of excellence G&G Steel maintains appears to be one of the best in the country.

“Industries such as this bring money into our state by winning contracts in other states,” he said. “It is a great company and I am always glad to see businesses who bring in money from other states, boosting the economy here locally. It is just an economically smart industry.”

Bret Gist said it was a pleasure to take time out and give Sen. Sessions a tour of his family-based company.

“It’s a privilege to have Sen. Sessions to take time out of his busy schedule and see our facility,” Gist said. “He is a good listener and I believe his experience here went really well.”

Sessions said hopefully more jobs will pour into Franklin County soon and believes G&G Steel is a wonderful company to have here in Alabama.

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