Steve Flowers

From the Statehouse

Ever since Alabama’s creation as a state in 1819 there has existed a political rivalry between North and South Alabama. This tug of war has ... Read more

Inside the Statehouse

The older you get you realize that old adages you heard as a child are actually accurate such as sayings like “if you have your ... Read more

From the Statehouse

As the world turns in Alabama politics another year is fast coming to a close. Dr. Robert Bentley is completing his first year as governor. He ... Read more

From the Statehouse

We are in the midst of the holiday season with Christmas just around the corner. However, we are also in political season. Traditionally we have held ... Read more

From the Statehouse

The 2012 Legislative Session is looming. It begins in two months with the paramount issue being the reapportionment of their own legislative districts. All 105 ... Read more

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