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Truth Matters: Ministry in the Marketplace

What does it mean to share your faith? Christians often use the term “witnessing,” but what does that term really mean? Unfortunately, the ... Read more

Truth Matters: Making Much of Christ (part 1)

My friend Jim Elliff out in Kansas City says, “Churches should not be designed to showcase leaders.” As I thought about his statement, I ... Read more

Truth Matters: Owe no man

Do Christians have an obligation to pay their debts? Yes, of course; perhaps an even a greater obligation than a non-believer. Read more

Truth Matters: God of calamity

“Balloon-boy got more national news coverage than the Nashville flood,” quipped one Nashvillian via Twitter. Read more

Truth Matters: Treasure of Christ

Any parent can attest to the fact that children have to learn the concept of cost and value. Especially in America perhaps, where a ... Read more

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