Letters to the Editor

New Red Bay park should be named after veteran who fought on D-Day

I am 15 years old and I am currently trying to get the city of Red Bay to name their new park after a purple ... Read more

Program to be held about Civil War in Alabama

Dr. David E. Gregg, Vice President of the Tennessee Valley Historical Society, will be the Society’s speaker at its Fall Quarterly Meeting on Sunday, Oct. ... Read more

Why don’t we try to live by the Golden Rule of Luke 6:31?

This is addressed to the gaggle of ladies at Walmart that need to find more to do with their time than gossip. Ladies you know ... Read more

Whoever the next President is, we can solve our own problems

For a long time, Franklin County and other pockets of rural North Alabama had historically been known as Democratic hotbeds. Much of that is credited to ... Read more

Thank you to all of our sponsors

On behalf of Russellville City Schools Career and Technical Education and the Russellville High School FFA Chapter, I would like to say thank you to ... Read more

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