Letters to the Editor

Utility rate litigation bad for Alabama businesses

No one voluntarily puts themselves in the middle of a legal action — with lawyers and judges, appeals and depositions — unless they simply have ... Read more | 1 comment

Who is my neighbor?

About two years ago Mayor Troy Oliver and I went to Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Russellville. Troy introduced me to Father Jim Hedderman as ... Read more

Alabama is NOT in the ‘liquor business,’ but in the ‘control business’

A reported plan to introduce legislation that would privatize the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) stores in Alabama fails to consider several important facts. Legislators are ... Read more

Thanks to Russellville Hospital

I am grateful to the leaders at Russellville Hospital for considering the health of their employees, patients and visitors in enacting a 100-percent tobacco-free policy. The ... Read more

New Red Bay park should be named after veteran who fought on D-Day

I am 15 years old and I am currently trying to get the city of Red Bay to name their new park after a purple ... Read more

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