Capitol Report for May 6, 2013

I am pleased to announce that on April 26 several highway project bids opened in our Senate District. In Colbert County we will soon see ... Read more

Republican ‘fix’ bills for Accountability Act only make a bad law worse

Once again, the Alabama Legislature is being asked to “fix” a bill that was rushed through without taking the time to think it through or ... Read more

Capitol Report for April 22, 2013

This past week I called on the Republican Supermajority to once again bring forth the Medicaid Expansion Bill so that we may have an opportunity ... Read more

My heart goes out to those affected

It’s been quite some time since I heard so much bad news all in the same week. With the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, ... Read more

Never underestimate mother nature

I know I have rattled on about the weather in my last couple of articles on this page, but this particular story is of a ... Read more

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