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Cooking with Sam – Avacados

Avocado is one of the earliest fruits and it is of the berry family consumed in Mesoamerica.  Its oldest evidence dates back almost 10,000 years ... Read more

Oh, the eggplant

Oh, the eggplant

Eggplants have a very rich and vibrant if somewhat controversial history, particularly in their medieval European incarnation. From their Asian and Middle Eastern roots ... Read more

Soup the perfect choice for cold winter nights

Soups are the perfect choice for cold winter nights. Read more

Holiday weight gain isn’t inevitable

The holiday season is a time for festive gatherings with family and friends. It's also the time of year when we see tempting treats everywhere we ... Read more

Extension offers workshops this summer

  Tuesday marked the second year in a row the Franklin County branch of the Alabama Cooperative Extension system was able to offer an alternative ... Read more

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