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Bowden leaves UNA for Akron

The coaching carousel hit the University of North Alabama hard on Dec. 22. Head football coach Terry Bowden resigned his post after three seasons with the ... Read more

Lower bowls are unappealing

Wednesday night I was watching the Poinsettia Bowl between Texas Christian and Louisiana Tech. That game — especially towards the middle — was downright unentertaining. Read more

Trent should not win trophy

If any of you sports fans have not figured out by now, I am an Auburn fan, and rest assured, I am not a fair ... Read more

LSU-Bama rematch hurts BCS

The inevitable has finally come to pass. As announced Sunday, LSU will be playing Alabama in the BCS National Championship in New Orleans. The Tide fans ... Read more

Iron Bowl has national title implications yet again

Iron Bowl has national title implications yet again

The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn has always been fierce, but in recent seasons the rancor between the fan bases has grown as both teams ... Read more

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