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Schools readjust calendars due to snow days

At both the Russellville City and Franklin County school board meetings Thursday, board members voted to approve make-up days for the five school days students ... Read more

School Happenings: Proration

Our system has lost over $2.5 million over the last two years due to proration. Read more

School Happenings: Summer Slam

Here at Russellville Middle School, we enjoy raising funds while giving back to our community. Throughout the year, we have put on many shows and ... Read more

School Happenings: Q&A on new tax

The Russellville City Schools Central Office staff answers common questions about the proposed tax increase. Read more

School Happenings: Every Child is Worth a Penny

Under the School Fiscal Accountability Act, Alabama public school systems are required to “develop a plan to establish and maintain a one-month minimum operating balance”. Read more

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