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Old South: The Gypsies come calling

The day after the arrival of the Gypsies, two of the women, along with a two-year old girl, began to visit homes. The presence of ... Read more

Old South: All were immigrants

Nobody was truly native to Alabama. Many had English or Irish roots. The ancestors of Americans Indians arrived earlier than others. A large ... Read more

Old South: Heat, lightning, hail and flood

Folks in North Alabama had to deal with dangers related to summer weather, such as lightning, floods and hail. Read more

Old South: Earthquakes and fires

Each community was left to its own devices during emergencies. Some they must endure. Others could be combated. North Alabama rock faults occasionally caused ... Read more

Old South: Planting by the moon

Fields produced far less well in the Old South than they do today. Farmers strived to do what they could to increase their productivity. Some ... Read more