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Truth Matters: Among the tombs

“He lived among the tombs.” How fitting it is that a demon possessed man would live contentedly in a graveyard among the dead.  ... Read more

Truth Matters: Pray for Today

If the Lord has brought to pass the plan and desire of my heart, I am in India as this article goes to print fellowshipping ... Read more

Truth Matters: The Antics of Nations

The United States, in addition to being engaged in two serious wars, is engaged in joint war games this week off the coast of South ... Read more

Truth Matters: You shall not murder

“You shall not murder.” The command sounds simple and straight forward doesn’t it? But is this really a simple command? Is the ... Read more

Wailing in the night

The sound was not jolting, but as it sliced through the night it cut me to the core; eyes wide open, I dared not move. Read more