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Vasquez indicted for child abuse

Published 5:04pm Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A woman arrested in October for child abuse and escape was indicted by a recent grand jury, officials said.

Anali Vasquez, 28, of 309 Madison St., Russellville, was indicted by the November grand jury for first-degree escape, second-degree assault, resisting arrest and child abuse, Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said.

According to reports, Vasquez and her husband, Jose Gregerio Vasquez-Roca, 29, were both initially arrested on Oct. 8, 2013, on one count of child abuse for allegedly failing to take proper care of their three-year-old child when she was scalded by soup from the microwave.

According to Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett, the Franklin County Department of Human Resources was called to a local doctor’s office on Oct. 3 to evaluate a three-year-old female child who had sustained second-degree burns.

Lowery said DHR workers discovered the burns had allegedly occurred four days earlier on Sept. 29 when the child was accidently scalded by hot soup that had come out of the microwave.

“The burns were so severe that the child had to be taken at that time to the burn unit at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where she was treated for three days,” Lowery said.

Hargett said investigators consulted with the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office before they decided to arrest the girl’s parents for child abuse.

“This child received severe burns but did not receive medical attention until four days later,” Hargett said.

“There’s no excuse for letting that child suffer for that long.”

The child was taken into DHR custody after being released from the hospital.

Vasquez’s escape charges came later that same week when she attempted to escape from the city jail following a bond hearing, officials said.

According to RPD investigator Lt. Scotty Lowery, Vasquez was being interviewed at the Russellville City Jail following her bond hearing when she attempted to escape.

“She was talking to immigration officials since she does not have proper documentation, and she jumped up, ran through the squad room and outside into the parking lot,” Lowery said.

“Officers were able to apprehend her before she got past the courthouse.”

During Vasquez’s escape, Lowery said Sgt. Linda Michael was injured while trying to prevent Vasquez from leaving the police department.

Michael was treated and released from Russellville Hospital.

Rushing said Vasquez’s husband’s case was disposed of after he pleaded guilty to child engenderment charges earlier this year.

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