Land transactions

Published 11:17pm Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30

•Telesforo Sanch Espinoza to Maria De La Paz Sa Avila, power of attorney

•Ronald Prince to Glyne Gober, easement

•Glyne Gober to Ronald Prince, survivorship

•Marqueta Prince to Margueta Prince, survivorship

•L-Administrator Hamilton to Maricela Felipe, sale contract

•Dana Dewayne Greenhill to Jada N. Howard, warranty

•Bonnie Strickland to James T. Strickland, warranty

•Robert E. Mills to Robert E. Mills, warranty

•Daulton Ray Vickery to Timothy Ray Vickery, warranty

•Yves Morissette to Intellicom Wireless Management, warranty

•James M. McNatt to J&M Trust 10032012 trust

•Paul S. Wilcoxson to J&M Trust 10032012, warranty

• Sandy McKinney to Sandra McKinney, affidavit

•Bobby Woodruff to Jose Sanchez, affidavit


October 1

•Mary Ellen Collum to Patsy Gober, warranty


October 2

•Ericka Lashea McBryde to George Eric Rogers, warranty

•Ralton Baker to Justin Baker, survivorship

•Orval D. Pounders to Sherry Oden, warranty

•Tony Deshaun Nelson to James Terence Stickland, warranty

•Tony Deshaun Nelson to James Terence Strickland, warranty

•Robert Boyd to Casey Blanton, survivorship


October 3

•Charles Hall Jr. to Communications L. Keypoint, memorandum of lease

•Jeffery Brian Waldon to Luther M. Waldon, warranty

•Michael Anthony Blanton to Pansy McKinney, warranty

•Joel Smith to Debra West, quit claim

•William E-Executor Smith to Debra West, warranty

•Richard F. Smith to LVNV funding LLC, affidavit

•Ann Moore to Jack Wiley Smith, affidavit

•Mary Ann Hovater to Jack Wiley Smith, affidavit

•Amanda Daniel Ridge to J.M. Page, warranty

•J.M. Page to Amanda Daniel Ridge, warranty


October 4

•Andres T. Miguel to Tania Vargas Delgado, sale contract

•Randy Paul Lindsey to Randy Paul Lindsey, survivorship

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