Russellville resident Sam Warf is hosting a cooking show that will air locally on WMTY-45 and regionally on other networks.

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Local man hosts cooking show

Published 6:03am Saturday, November 10, 2012

When Russellville resident Sam Warf sold his popular floral business, The Blossom Shop, earlier this year, he originally planned to use his new free time to relax and enjoy the things most people enjoy in “retirement.”
But those who know Warf know that he doesn’t “relax” for very long so he was soon searching for a new project to begin.
“I loved my business and all the people I met over the years, but I originally decided to step away from The Blossom Shop because I just couldn’t continue working 80 hours a week like I always had,” Warf said.
“Once I didn’t have the business anymore, I had done just about everything I could think of to do to occupy my time until I was bored with it all. I knew I wanted to find a way to do something I loved that wouldn’t have me working all week long but would still keep me occupied.”
Warf, who is an avid cook, said he finally had the idea this August to turn another passion of his into something more than just a hobby enjoyed by his family and friends.
“Cooking is my stress release and something I’ve always enjoyed doing,” Warf said. “When I can’t sleep at night, I’ll get up and bake a cake and it always makes me feel better.
“I started thinking that maybe I could use cooking in a way that would allow me to share this passion of mine with other people and be able to something fun and exciting at the same time.”
Warf said he remembered Russellville resident Suzanne Langcuster having a cooking show on the local TV station, WMTY TV 45 in Russellville.
“I really enjoyed the cooking show Suzanne had and I thought maybe I could do something similar since that show doesn’t air anymore.”
Warf said he called the station and spoke to Randal Ayers, who is the program director at WMTY.
“It was funny because when Sam called me, we had just been discussing the possibility of getting another cooking show going again,” Ayers said.
Warf said he and Ayers began talking and working out the logistics.
“We had several things we had to get for the kitchen set they have at the station in order for everything to work out just right,” Warf said.
“Doug and Betsy Green were so good to us and donated a Whirlpool range and Big Star has been so generous to supply the food I use for the show.
“Everything just started coming together and it began looking like the show was going to work out great.”
Warf has now filmed two episodes of “Sam’s Kitchen,” which will be a weekly show on WMTY and will also air in other parts of northwest Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.
The show will also have a Facebook page that can be viewed at and a website that can be viewed at
“The plan for the website is to have recipes and airings of the actual show for people outside of the viewing area or who don’t have cable,” Ayers said.
“We think this will be a great show that people will enjoy so we wanted other people to have a way to watch it and get all the recipes Sam will use in his shows.”
Warf said he also thinks the website and Facebook page will give more chances for community involvement, which is something he really want to incorporate in the show.
“I want this to be interactive and fun for people to watch,” Warf said. “I want to have guests come on the show and share their recipes and I eventually want to have a segment where we’ll have a ‘Chatting with Sam’ type element where I can take and answer questions from viewers.
“I think the show has a lot of room to evolve and become something the whole community can enjoy.”
Warf said he also hopes to tie in the foundation he created, the Warf Cooper Richardson Foundation, in order to raise money for the underprivileged children and senior citizens in the area.
“I’ve tried to help out in the community all I could ever since I first came to Russellville,” Warf said. “With the show and these new opportunities, I saw a way where I might could help on a larger scale.
“We’ll should be selling cookbooks by the summer and the proceeds will go towards the foundation that can then administer the funds as necessary.
“Funneling all the funds through the foundation will allow people to give a tax-deductible gift and instead of me personally taking the requests, it will be done more formally.”
Warf said he was more than excited about what this next chapter of his life would offer.
“I’m looking forward to all the opportunities that will be available because of this show and the good I hope will come from it,” he said. “And I can’t wait to cook for all the people who watch the show and share my love for cooking with them.”
The first episode of “Sam’s Kitchen” will air Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. on WMTY TV 45, which is cable Channel 4 locally.
New episodes will air each Tuesday at 7 p.m. and will be available on the website.

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