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Jones drawn to BHS’ atmosphere

Published 6:00am Saturday, November 10, 2012

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

Belgreen’s Alex Jones has enjoyed his time in high school.
The 17-year-old senior has always attended BHS and said he thinks it has been a great place to spend his high school days.
“I like this size of this school and the way you’re able to get to know everyone,” he said.
“I don’t have specific memories that stand out to me because just being with my friends on a daily basis and hanging out with them has been fun.
“That’ll be one of the worst parts about graduating is not seeing all the same people every day. You grow up going to school with them your whole life, so it will be strange not to see them every day at school.”
Jones said he would also miss the teachers he’s become familiar with over the years.
“The teachers really try to help you out and they’re nice to you,” he said. “They’re also people I’ve known for a long time for the most part and I like knowing what to expect from them. The teachers in college will probably be harder on us so I’m not necessarily looking forward to that.”
Jones said he is, however, looking forward to some aspects of being in college as opposed to being in high school.
“I’m going to miss my friends and the familiarity of Belgreen, but I’ve gone to the same place my whole life so I think a change in environment might be nice,” he said.
“In high school you just seem to have less responsibility but when you get to college, you have a little bit more freedom, so I think it’s a good trade off. There will be good and bad things about college but I’m looking forward to it.”
While in high school, Jones has participated in several clubs and activities that he said have gotten him prepared for college and his future.
Some of those include Beta Club, Scholar’s Bowl, Future Business Leaders of America, 4-H, Franklin County Junior Leadership and Alabama Boys State.
“Boys State was a good experience because, even though it was mostly about politics, I got to meet new people and I feel like it got me prepared for college when I’ll be in a new place with new people learning new things.
“I liked being part of Junior Leadership because we were given the opportunity to help other people in our community,” he continued. “I also think it taught me some responsibility through the community service we did.”
Responsibility is something Jones knows about from the time he’s spent at his part-time job at Fred’s in Russellville.
“Having a job in high school has been good for me because it allows me to make money, but it also gives me work experience and something to put on a resume that other people my age may not have yet,” he said.
Once he graduates this coming May, Jones said he planned to take his basic classes at Northwest-Shoals Community College before transferring to a four-year college.
“I’m not positive where I would want to transfer to, but I’ll have time to figure that out while I’m at Northwest,” he said.
Jones said he also wasn’t a hundred percent sure what he wants to major in, but it will more than likely have something to do with art.
“Ever since I was little I’ve loved to draw,” Jones said. “When anyone would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I couldn’t ever think of anything I would like doing better.
“Right now I’m thinking seriously about majoring in graphic design, but we’ll just see how it goes.”
When he graduates from college, where he lives might depend on where he finds a job, but Jones said if it were up to him, he’d settle down somewhere close to Franklin County.
“I like Franklin County and the friendliness of the area and how everything seems to be quiet and laid back,” he said. “I don’t know if I would want to move straight back here because I would like to be far enough a way to do my own thing, but I would still want to be in a smaller, quitter place that was similar to Franklin County. I don’t think I’d like being in a big city.”
As he prepares for his life after high school, Jones said he’s realized how important the last four years have been.
“Kids need to know when they enter the ninth grade they need to start right then doing their best in school because it counts later on,” he said. “If they can just do that from the very beginning they won’t have any problems when they get to their senior year and they’ll be able to relax and enjoy it.”
Jones is the son of Michael and Karen Jones and he has a younger sister, Abby.

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