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Massey elected as commissioner

Published 10:12pm Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rayburn Massey has served as a county commissioner in the past, but after Tuesday night’s victory, he said he was just as excited to serve the people of Franklin County as he was when he was elected in 2004.

Massey, who ran as a republican in this election, edged out democratic candidate Randy Hargett 5,750 to 4,514.

When Massey was elected in 2004, he ran as a democrat and didn’t know how his party switch would affect him in this election, but he said he believes the people in Franklin County are finally beginning to vote the way most of the rest of the state has for several years now.

“In my research, it’s been since 1972 since a republican was elected in our county,” Massey said. “I think the people of Franklin County are beginning to align with what’s already been happening statewide, and that’s a move towards the Republican Party.”

But Massey said he was more than ready to serve the people of Franklin County no matter what party they represented.

“Regardless of what ticket I ran on, I’ve been elected to serve the people of Franklin County no matter what allegiances they may have, and that’s exactly what I’ll do,” Massey said.

“I am humbled by the votes I received, and I appreciate all my family and friends who supported me.

“I also appreciate the good race that was run by Randy Hargett as well. He was a worthy opponent and I’ll do anything I can to help him and anyone else who has a need in the county in the future.

“I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.”

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