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Never can get it right in March

Published 5:57am Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And then 2012 March Madness and the 2011-12 NCAA men’s basketball season were over.

Kentucky ran the length of the tournament and asserted its dominance over every other college men’s basketball team in the country.

It came as no surprise when the Wildcats held up the trophy Monday night. They were by far the best team in the land this season.

Kansas did play a pretty good game, but a slow first half shot the Jayhawks in the foot. Kansas simply could not overcome the hole it dug for itself in the first half.

Anthony Davis of Kentucky went into beast mode at the start of the contest, proving that a team’s MVP doesn’t have to score a point to help lead his team to victory, though he did finally make the score sheet later on.

I always pull for the SEC in every sport. Why wouldn’t I? I am from the South and I like sports. My favorite college team is in the SEC, so I pull for the other conference teams when Auburn isn’t playing.

I was even happy when Alabama won their last two football national championships, simply because they’re an SEC team.

So I pulled for Kentucky during the entire tournament. I would like to be able to say that I knew the Wildcats would win, because in the back of my mind it was so obvious. But, for some reason, I picked North Carolina to win the tourney on my bracket. Of course, that was far from the only mistake. That particular piece of paper was trash after the second round of games.

Teams like Mizzou, Duke and Michigan State let me down big-time. I should be used to it by now, mostly because I have only picked the winner correctly twice in the past six years or so.

Basketball was never my sport, but I know enough to make an informed decision as to who will win the tournament. My informed decision proved a little misinformed as it were, so yet again I get to hang my head in shame and taste the bitter dessert known as humble pie.

But then again, there’s always next year. Maybe I will be a little bit better informed next season, or maybe I will go with my gut on my picks instead of my head.

Tournament rankings past the top two or three seeds can be very misleading, as I have made one or two poor choices just because of a rankings matchup.

There are always upsets, after all.

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