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Super Bowl rematch is a bit different

Published 5:56am Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Super Bowl is coming up tomorrow. I would have preferred to see the Green Bay Packers in the game. I was really looking forward to the Harbaugh Bowl if San Francisco and Baltimore made it to the big show.

What we do have is a rematch of the 2008 game between New England and New York.

At the beginning of the postseason I didn’t think the G-Men had a shot at the title game, but they proved me wrong.

New England always has a chance lately because they’re just too good, and I hate them for it.

I hate the Patriots in general.

I tend to hate the biggest of the big-market teams in every sport. You know, the teams that seem to win all of the time like it’s easy.

The New England Patriots, the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers can all go out of business for all I care.

That diatribe aside, I think that New York has a better chance of beating New England this year than in 2008, but only because the Pats didn’t dominate the entire season this year.

Never mind the fact that the Giants actually won somehow in 2008.

It’s not the game I wanted to see, but I’ll watch it anyway like every year. I love football so much I’ll watch whatever I can, really. That is, when the best football —college football — isn’t in season. If it means I have to watch the NFL or even Arena League to get my football fix, I will. The latter has become difficult to find since Arena League 1 folded, but who cares.

I even watched the XFL back in the day, for that one season it was around.

As far as Super Bowl XLVI goes, New England will probably win, but I hope New York pulls it out again.

If Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora can  keep Tom Brady on the ground, the Giants might just win.

Otherwise the Fighting Bill Belichicks will walk out of Indy with yet another ring.

I hope not.

Just staring down Tuck’s ridiculous facemask would be enough to send me running in the opposite direction, and I have experience playing offensive tackle.

Anyway, go Giants.



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