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NFL playoff games did not disappoint

Published 5:57am Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The NFL playoff games from last weekend ran the gamut of crazy.

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the New Orleans Saints, proving that their turnaround 2011 season under new head coach Jim Harbaugh is no fluke.

Coach Harbaugh has his team fired up, and apparently he made the men realize they actually have talent and are capable of winning games.

The Patriots performed a mercy killing on the Tebow phenomenon by destroying the Denver Broncos. Denver most likely had no chance of winning the Super Bowl anyway, with or without Tim Tebow.

At least the former Florida Gator Tebowed his team to a winning season.

In the end New England was just too good, lending credence to the “Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever” theory put forth by rabid packs of Bostonians.

John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens took down the surging Houston Texans. Houston has been getting progressively better under head coach Gary Kubiak since the team was created.

In a few years’ time they could be playing for the Lombardi Trophy.

Unfortunately, the Ravens’ defense had a different notion on which AFC team would move on to play the Patriots.

Despite the running clinic Arian Foster put on Baltimore, the Raven’s defense kept the team in the game and ultimately won the contest.

The strangest of these divisional match-ups was the New York Giants’ upset victory over defending Super Bowl champ Green Bay.

Where were the Packers who lost only two games all season and blew out several opponents? Green Bay even won with former Bayou Bengal Matt Flynn as the starting quarterback.

The G-Men came out firing on defense, and the Pack Attack dropped more balls than Times Square.

Eli Manning put on a show by leading his team to victory yet again, leaving some ESPN analysts questioning whom the better Manning brother is.

In the end the Giants wanted it more, and they knocked off the team I thought was sure to repeat.

The Packers, the Saints and the Steelers are all out of contention, meaning the only Super Bowl winner from the last four seasons left alive this year is the G-Men.

Who did they play? Oh yeah, they upset the previously undefeated Pats. The 2012 Super Bowl could be a rematch of the 2008 game.

I’d rather see Baltimore and San Francisco play in the Battle of the Harbaughs, though.

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