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Thanks to those who helped out with PC Christmas

Published 5:59am Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phil Campbell Christmas was founded on June 28, 2011 as a small Facebook event that grew into a group. We had 73 children officially in the group although we helped out a few more.

We had blankets handmade for the majority of the kids. We also gave out trees, lights, and decorations.

I want to thank everyone who helped out! From those who sponsored children, to donated items, to those who told others about the group so that they would help! Without all of you this project never would have been successful.

To the parents of my angels, thank you so much for letting us help you and be a part of your lives. I hope that God heals your broken hearts and helps fill whatever needs you may have.

We are still trying to help out one family with four children, three of which are under three years old and the father is on Hospice because he has liver cancer. This family has needs such as diapers, food, and other basic needs.

To find out how to help e-mail or join the group on Facebook because it is still active.

Kristi Riddle

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