Land Transactions

Published 6:07pm Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The following are the most recent land transactions as recorded with the Franklin County Probate Office.

Aug. 2

• Jimmie Collum to Kristal Riddle, warranty

• Billy Bishop to Citi Mortgage, foreclosure

• Rickey Franks to Ricky Hovater, survivorship

• Rickey Franks to Sherry Young, survivorship

• Jonathan Green to Greg Parrish, survivorship

• Greg Parrish to Jonathan Green, survivorship

• Doris Holderby to Doris Holderby, survivorship

Aug. 3

• Jason Miller to Santiago Ixcoy, warranty

• Eric Davis to Kathy Davis, quit claim

• Stevey Creekmore to Harold Sparks, warranty

Aug. 4

• Bryce Peters Financial to LMA Investments, quit claim

• Doris James to Anthony James, warranty

• Petrona Andres to David Gillespie, warranty

• Electric Board to George Malone, quit claim

• Roger Miles to Mary McCurry, survivorship

• James Taff to Thomas Hoggle, survivorship

Aug. 5

• Danny Strickland to Carrie Lindsey, warranty

• Fannie Mae to Jessica Vasquez, warranty

• Belinda Martin to Thomas Orrick, warranty

• Bank of America to Federal National Mortgage, warranty

• Michael Epperson to Fannie Mae, warranty

• Fannie Mae to James Davis, warranty

• Fannie Mae to Justin Cummings, warranty

• Justin Cummings to Carl Cummings, survivorship

Aug. 6

• Robert Foote to Donald Foote, warranty

• L.D. Overton to Michael Overton, warranty

• June Cummings to Debra Rambo, warranty

• Jimmy Engle to David Rogers, survivorship

• Eva Henson to Donald Henson, warranty

• Rose Pickel to Pollyanne Flippen, warranty

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