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PCHS has solved part of the equation

Phil Campbell High School has two new faces that will soon grace its grounds. The Franklin County Board of Education has hired Jonathan Raper as ... Read more

Conference finals are good matches

I don’t watch a lot of NBA games, but I usually take in some playoff games each season. This year’s semifinals feature four teams that ... Read more

It’s summertime again

We have come to that time of year again folks. The time of the year when kids are free from the bonds of the classroom ... Read more

I have enjoyed the 2011/2012 sports season

And just like that, the 2012 softball season was over for the teams of Franklin County. It joins the likes of the 2012 baseball season, ... Read more

It’s all part of the job for a sports writer

I love my job. I don’t see how anyone that does what I do could complain about covering sports for a living. Sometimes this means I’m ... Read more

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