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WVU moves to Big 12

West Virginia has settled its lawsuit with the Big East and will join the Big 12 in July.To this I have one very important question. ... Read more

Legend will be missed by many

We lost a legend this week. If you haven’t heard yet – because you don’t like sports, don’t own a TV or really like camping ... Read more

UNA explores future with new coach, conference

UNA explores future with new coach, conference

I recently sat down with UNA athletic director Mark Linder to discuss the future of the Lions’ athletics program with new head football ... Read more

Alabama wins title game

Alabama did it. They beat LSU bad enough that critics wouldn’t start crying co-champs. In my estimation, one of the two teams actually showed up for ... Read more

WVU takes down foe Clemson

I will gladly tell anyone who asks me just how terrible the Big East Conference in college football is. I have talked it over with my ... Read more

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