10 ways to speak well of your husband

10 ways to speak well of your husband

It’s February … the month of love! I adore Valentine’s Day and all the red and pink and hearts. But let’s face it, marriage is ... Read more

Education Matters

Last week the state of Arizona became the first state in the nation to require all high school seniors to pass a civics test in ... Read more

Education Matters

I’ve been fortunate to be able to write a column for local newspapers for a couple of years. The subjects have been wide ranging from ... Read more

Capitol Report for June 27

It was really a thrill to recently see so many World War II Fighter Planes fly into the Muscle Shoals airport. It was great ... Read more

Capitol Report for May 29

It was certainly an honor to speak at the Hackleburg High School Baccalaureate Ceremony this past week. I am very proud of the Hackleburg senior ... Read more

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