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Spencer hopes to be athletic trainer

Published 6:01am Saturday, April 20, 2013

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

Vina senior Beth Spencer, 18, said she has enjoyed the past four years of her high school experience.
Spencer has been involved in several school activities that have kept her busy, such as the basketball team, the softball team, the track team where she specializes in shot-put, 4-H, Fellowship of Christian Students where she helps with the elementary student devotions and for the past four years she has served as the manager for the Vina Red Devils football team.
“I started going to Vina in the fifth grade and I’ve really liked it here,” Spencer said.
“Some people might say there are disadvantages to going to a small school, but I think we have a good class size that allows us to get more help from our teachers.
“We’re also very close as a class and I don’t think that would happen at a bigger school.”
Spencer said some of her favorite memories have been times she’s spent with her classmates just hanging out or the memories she has made through sports.
“One of the best memories is the Powder Puff football game we do as a fundraiser,” she said.
“That was a lot of fun.”
Spencer said her sporting activities are probably the things she’ll miss the most after she graduates from VHS in May.
“I’ve made a lot of good friends through sports,” Spencer said.
“In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have hung out with some of the people I’ve been on teams with unless I had sports, so it’s been a great way to make those connections I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”
Even though she will miss her sporting events and her high school friends, Spencer said she was looking forward to going to college this coming fall.
“I think it’ll be good to have a different schedule and get to choose the hours you go to school instead of going all day long,” she said.
“I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and being in a new environment.”
College won’t be a completely new experience for Spencer, however, because she has been part of the Upward Bound program where she has been able to earn college credit during high school.
“I’m glad I’ve been a part of Upward Bound because I’ve enjoyed the people in the program and I’ve had the chance to get ready for college,” she said.
“I’ve learned how to get used to the studying habits and I’ll have a jumpstart on my college credits because I should have 12-15 hours from Northwest-Shoals Community College by the time I’m done.”
Spencer said she plans to attend Itawamba Community College in Mississippi this fall where she will be the manager for the soccer team.
“ICC was a good choice for me because it’s closer to home and they offer a variety of sports,” she said.
“When I found out I had the opportunity to manage the soccer team, that helped me make my final decision.”
While at ICC, Spencer said she planned to work toward a career as an athletic trainer, a degree she said she would probably finish up at Mississippi State University.
“Being a manager for the football team the past few years and being involved in sports made me think I would like being an athletic trainer,” she said.
“I also like the travel aspect and getting to travel with a team. I liked doing that with the football team.”
Spencer said in addition to being an athletic trainer, she also wanted to become qualified to be an emergency medical technician (EMT).
“I just really love to help people,” she said.
When she finishes her degree, Spencer said she hoped to settle down in a smaller town but not necessarily back home.
“I like the smaller town scene and all that goes along with it, I just don’t think I would want to come back here when I’m ready to settle down,” she said.
“I think I’d like to live in a completely different place and just have a change of scene.”
As her time in high school winds down, Spencer said if she could give any advice to those younger than her who may just be getting ready to enter high school, she would tell them to always do their best.
“Don’t ever quit and don’t just settle for less than you are capable of,” she said. “If you’ll just hold on, it’ll all work out in the end.”
Spencer is the daughter of James and Laura Spencer and she has a younger brother named John.

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