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Time to fill out those brackets

Published 5:58am Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness will soon be turning people apathetic towards college basketball into ravenous fans for a few weeks time.

I have yet to fill out my bracket – yes I only do one –, but I’m sure I will make plenty of mistakes and pick the wrong team to win yet again.

I usually give too much love to the No. 1 seeds, except for the year they all made the final four. I also give too much love to the perennial basketball powerhouses that never seem to make the finals lately, like Marquette, Xavier, Georgetown, Gonzaga and Villanova.

I have only picked the winner correctly once in the past several years (Kansas), and I’m sure I will probably choose wrong again this year.

Last March I thought the San Diego State Aztecs would shock the country and go all the way. I might as well have made that pick while listening to the Social Distortion song “I was Wrong.”

My head tells me to pick the surging Florida State Seminoles, but my gut tells me to choose the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Kentucky Wildcats or the Michigan State Spartans.

I find filling out the bracket every year to be almost as entertaining as the actual games. I wouldn’t mind having an underdog like Virginia Commonwealth make it to the championship game again. That was a fun run while it lasted.

One great aspect of the tournament for me each year involves two teams that wear blue and white. Kentucky and Duke seem to make the tournament every year, and each time they do they will likely have a shot at winning.

My friend Jared is an Alabama fan through and through, but he pulls for Kentucky in basketball when the Crimson Tide is not involved.

My friend Evan is an Auburn fan to the core, but he – like me – knows never to hope much for the Tigers’ basketball team, so he likes Duke.

Evan was happy when Duke beat Butler in the final a few years ago, but I again was pulling for the underdog.

I really don’t care who wins to be honest; I just want to watch some upsets. I would also like to see the Wildcats and the Blue Devils have to play in the tourney. They would be playing for bragging rights between two of my friends and to see which team’s jersey best represents the sky and clouds.

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